The Right Trainer Makes A World Of A Difference

Our careers require us to push for progress and keep up with the times, but we understand it’s not always easy. Here at Volt Edge, we strive to make your training experience with us personal and of quality.

The best HV Switching training provider

Whether you’re a qualified Electrician looking to get qualified in High Voltage (HV), an electrical worker already working in the field, or even an employer that requires your employees to upskill or refresh, it can be tough to find the best HV Switching training provider for your needs.

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When looking for the right training provider to deliver your HV training, these are the things you need to consider: 

  • Training locations
  • Training frequency
  • Training quality
  • Cost
  • Course outcomes

Training Locations

Similar to most skilled professions, HV workers generally come from all locations around the country, and it can therefore be difficult to get access to training near you. Because of this, available training locations is one of the most important factors in HV training options.

A training provider like Volt Edge can be your best bet, with training facilities in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Mackay, Adelaide, Perth and Newcastle. Each of these convenient facilities can be found in or around the city with easy access and parking.

Alternatively, if you are an employer and require a closed course to be delivered on-site at your facility, Volt Edge can also come to you and deliver a specialised course suited to your business.

Training Frequency

Need to be trained urgently? Frequency of training can be extremely important for many students and employers when meeting compliance or getting upskilled in time for upcoming work.

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While it may be difficult to find upcoming HV courses near you with some training providers, Volt Edge generally delivers courses every 2 weeks at larger locations and once a month at the other smaller locations.

To view the full course calendar, you can click here.

Training Quality

The quality of work you are able to put into your high voltage career evidently depends on the quality of training you have received. Because the industry technology and legislation are ever changing, it is important that the high voltage training you receive is current and taught by industry experienced professionals.

The best training providers will ensure that all trainers are experienced high voltage workers who have been in the industry for years and have also been teaching the courses for years. For example, Tony McKewin, Volt Edge’s owner and one of the high voltage trainers, has been working in the industry for 25+ years and teaching HV for 10+ years.


As anyone would expect, the cost of studying HV is a major factor for all students and employers. Typically, students can expect to pay between $1800 and $2290 for a full HV Switching Operations course.

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While this can seem like a hefty sum to students, the quality of training from providers like Volt Edge is as professional as it gets, and the package includes lunches for the duration of training.

To make this commitment easier, Volt Edge also provides 10% off course costs to previous students (T&C’s apply) and Construction Skills Queensland funding is available to eligible QLD students, which brings the course cost down significantly.

Course Outcomes

Last but not least, it is important to consider what outcomes you actually receive from the course. 

Upon successful completion, most students hope to have the skills and qualifications to:

  • Operate and perform local H.V. switching.
  • Develop H.V. switching programs.
  • Control permit to work operations.

More specifically, HV Switching courses should deliver the following units of competency:

These outcomes and units are taken from Volt Edge’s HV Switching 3 day course, which is designed for students with some High Voltage (HV) experience but require the formal training to allow them to write switching sheets and perform switching operations.

Now that you know what to consider when looking for the best high voltage training provider, this should make it easier to make a choice on where to study.

For more information on Volt Edge’s courses you can email us, or you can contact 1300 761 366.