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Our careers require us to push for progress and keep up with the times, but we understand it’s not always easy. Here at Volt Edge, we strive to make your training experience with us personal and of quality.

Want to further your career? Learn from a team of experts at Volt Edge. See what a day is like training with us here.

Industrial Safety

We've been listening to what you want, and we've worked hard to give it to you. For all the demand, we now supply short industrial safety courses ranging from confined spaces to working at heights.
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We provide a variety of EEM courses both in underground and open cut. Our very own founder and director was an EEM in the mines, and so our course content is enriched with experience.
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Hazardous Areas

Variety of Hazardous Areas courses, lead by experienced experts with industry specific content.
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High Voltage

High Voltage courses emphasising installation and maintenance. Multiple face to face, or live web courses.
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Instrumentation courses providing extensive practical applications, with theory online and practicals face to face.
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Renewable Energy

Volt Edge delivers accredited and comprehensive courses for solar panel, battery installation and maintenance.
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Volt Edge provides comprehensive refrigeration training, with theory online and practicals face to face.
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Process Plant Operations

Process Plant Operations training including cert II, III and IV, theory online and practicals face to face.
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Online Courses

Volt Edge provides a range of flexible, convenient online self paced courses.
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General Training

Volt Edge also offers a variety of general training courses.
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Why Choose Volt Edge?

Our Commitment

Interested in a one-stop-shop to browse all our courses and prices? View our Student Handbook here!

Proven Track Record

We aren’t just all talk here at Volt Edge. Some of our large corporate clients include Rio Tinto, QAL, Saxon, Transfield and many more.

Dedicated Training Facilities

Volt Edge have several dedicated training facilities across Australia including Brisbane, Mackay, Melbourne, Sydney and more.

Registered Training Organisation

Volt Edge is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO#32137) delivering accredited and non accredited training and Engineering Service based Australia wide.

About Volt Edge

Who We Are

Volt Edge (RTO # 32137) is a Registered Training Organisation specialising in industrial safety training. Our team will provide you with professional services to meet your individual and company specific requirements. Volt Edge is a company with character and passion. We are all about giving students the best possible opportunity to learn and grow as professionals within the industry.

Why People Choose Us

Volt Edge started out as a small family business, and as we continued to grow our course scope and corporate size, we’ve done our best to continue fostering that small family business feel. Students have consistently noted how helpful and genuine our staff and trainers are before, during and after their course. So while our reputation and course excellence attract students, our culture keeps them coming back.

What we can offer our students

Volt Edge has a focus on EEHA and HV, but has quite a large scope that includes everything from Instrumentation, grid connect, to split-air conditioning, to supervisor training. Our strength is in our diverse course scope and training expertise. We offer our students the full experience, a one-stop-shop for all their electrical, industrial and installation needs.

What Our Students Think

A well set out course, interesting and Tony was easily able to explain things to someone with learned electricity knowledge. Great course, THANKS!


Spot on, we will be back and I will continue to send my team to the center. We will be looking into what other training we can do with Volt Edge. It is comfortable to know that my employees are receiving extensive and thorough training.


Great course, the trainer was awesome. Tonnes of knowledge and experience and great at making relevant comments on how you would use apparatus etc. in the work place. Incredibly patient. Course is definitely well done and not a cash grab like some other RTO’s.