The Right Trainer Makes A World Of A Difference

Our careers require us to push for progress and keep up with the times, but we understand it’s not always easy. Here at Volt Edge, we strive to make your training experience with us personal and of quality.

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Volt Edge provides courses that are developed to meet and exceed the standards of the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), and also Australian International Standards. We have dedicated training facilities Australia wide including Brisbane, Mackay, Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Darwin, Perth and Adelaide. Our courses are for a range of people including but not limited to Electricians, Tradesmen, Switching Officers, Coordinators, or Operators. Choosing to train with Volt Edge provides you with the best opportunity to obtain employment, promotions or specialise in your industry.

Looking for something more tailored to your needs? We also provide specialised onsite training, call us 1300 761 366

Industrial Safety

We've been listening to what you want, and we've worked hard to give it to you. For all the demand, we now supply short industrial safety courses ranging from confined spaces to working at heights.
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We provide a variety of EEM courses both in underground and open cut. Our very own founder and director was an EEM in the mines, and so our course content is enriched with experience.
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Hazardous Areas

Variety of Hazardous Areas courses, lead by experienced experts with industry specific content.
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High Voltage

High Voltage courses emphasising installation and maintenance. Multiple face to face, or live web courses.
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Instrumentation courses providing extensive practical applications, with theory online and practicals face to face.
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Renewable Energy

Volt Edge delivers accredited and comprehensive courses for solar panel, battery installation and maintenance.
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Volt Edge provides comprehensive refrigeration training, with theory online and practicals face to face.
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Process Plant Operations

Process Plant Operations training including cert II, III and IV, theory online and practicals face to face.
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Online Courses

Volt Edge provides a range of flexible, convenient online self paced courses.
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General Training

Volt Edge also offers a variety of general training courses.
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