Solar Battery Storage

  • Nationally Accredited course.
  • In Teach out – Finalise your assessments by 10.12.2023
  • Delivery: face-to-face and Live Web.
  • Course Cost $2,000.00 (GST Free).

Solar Battery Storage

Course Description

The Solar battery storage course allows students to attain the Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC) accreditation in solar battery storage. To become endorsed to install grid-connected battery storage, accreditation you must also hold the design and install of grid-connected (GC) photovoltaic systems certification.

Volt Edge has designed this course to allow the user to apply for CEC accreditation and install and maintain battery storage systems to Grid connected or stand-alone of grid networks.

To apply for the Clean Energy Council Storage endorsement, an individual must complete the additional training modules on grid-connected battery storage design and installation.

All course work is completed in class, no pre-reading is required.

To download the course flyer, click here.

To be eligible to undertake the course you must currently hold an Australian Unrestricted Electrical Licence and have completed UEENEEK135A & UEENEEK148A.

Course Delivery

Brisbane – delivered 3 days over Live Web Zoom on the 4th day you will attend Northgate for your practical.

Melbourne – delivered over 3 days completely face to face.

Other locations – if you are unable to attend either of these locations you can attend training 3 days over Live Web and complete your install under the guidance of someone who holds their CEC accreditation. 

Live Web requirements are:

  • Computer or laptop 
  • Steady internet connection
  • Speaker 
  • Microphone 
  • Webcam
  • Microsoft Word
  • 2 monitors are recommended to ensure in the ease of your access
  • You can use a desktop computer or laptop to do your course work and 2 screens are highly recommended

Changes to requirements for installing battery storage

  • New battery storage training units have now been endorsed, meaning that the requirements to be able to install and/or supervise battery storage have changed.
  • The CEC is implementing a transition period to allow people a reasonable amount of time to complete the new training while still being able to install these systems.
  • The Volt Edge is designed to allow the user to apply for CEC accreditation and install and maintain battery storage systems to Grid connected or stand-alone of grid networks.

How does this affect you?

  • If you have completed or are applying for Grid-connect Accreditation and Stand-alone Power Systems Accreditation under the draft training units, you will need to have completed the new training units by 1 April 2019 to continue installing grid-connected systems with battery storage.

To download the course flyer, click here.

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Skills obtained

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Risk Management

Determine likelihoods and consequences to implement appropriate procedures.

Problem solving

Apply higher-level order thinking skills to promote workplace initiative and resolution.

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