High Voltage Awareness (M31)

  • Non-accredited course.
  • Delivered online and self-paced.
  • Emphasis on the dangers and risks of HV installation.

High Voltage Awareness (M31)

Course Description

High Voltage awareness M31 is a non-accredited course for non electrical and electrical personnel to understand the dangers and risks working around or near High Voltage installations, the controls required to avoid contact with energised conductors, and the simple step that can be utilized.

Course Delivery

Both the theory and assessment are delivered online at an external self-pace.


Upon completion, you will be able to:
→ Work with aerials.
→ Work in substations.
→ Understand the dangers of induced voltages.
→ Understand the risk mitigation of High Voltage.
→ Understand the dangers of high voltage.

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Skills obtained


Compile and produce appropriate documentation of work operations.


If you know what to look for, you can work smarter, safer and be more productive.

Problem solving

Apply higher-level order thinking skills to promote workplace initiative and resolution.

Simulated Work Environment

Benefit from the close and detailed guidance of our trainers in person.

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