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Our careers require us to push for progress and keep up with the times, but we understand it’s not always easy. Here at Volt Edge, we strive to make your training experience with us personal and of quality.

Renewable Energy

Volt Edge delivers accredited and comprehensive courses for solar panel, battery installation and maintenance.
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Solar Battery Storage

The Solar battery storage course allows students to attain the Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC) accreditation in solar battery storage. To become endorsed to install grid-connected battery storage, accreditation you must also hold the design and install of grid-connected (GC) photovoltaic s...

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Design and Install Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems

The grid-connect skill set offered by Volt Edge has been designed for licensed electricians (or those holding the pre-requisite units) who want to obtain accreditation from the Clean Energy Council (CEC). This will enable eligible applicants to access incentives offered by the Federal Government...

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