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HV Switching Coordination

Whether you’re already a High Voltage (HV) Supervisor or you’re looking to become one in the future, HV Switching Coordination courses are designed to teach students the coordination of crews of HV Operators and the interaction that may occur between one or more HV crews. 

Who should do the course?

Similar to other High Voltage Courses, High Voltage Coordination is designed for someone who wants to become a HV Supervisor or planner and has completed HV Switching work previously.

What does the course cover?

hv switching coordination

The course covers Coordination of HV Operator crews and studies the interaction that may occur between one or more HV crews.

Skills taught:

  • Develop appropriate documentation
  • Design workplace protocols
  • Supervise workplace operations
  • Safety precaution

Course outcomes

Students will learn to ensure that tasks are resourced, planned and coordinated using planning techniques, so that the separate exercises do not interfere or endanger the other members. 

Upon successful completion, students will have the skills to:

  1. Coordinate, monitor and control local networks.
  2. Analyse and respond to local network/system faults or incidents.
  3. Review incident response and preventative procedures.
  4. Coordinate and direct switching programs.
  5. Maintain dynamic integrity of systems.
  6. Carry out the coordination of permit procedures.
high voltage switching coordination


  • Online self-paced, approximately 2 days to complete 

When to Refresh

Once you have completed this course you are not required to refresh.

Units Obtained


All students wanting to enrol in the Volt Edge HV Coordination course MUST have undertaken a HV Switching course with Volt Edge prior to enrolling or in conjunction.

Students must hold the pre-requisite units to gain the Co-ordination units listed above in the UET Transmission package. 

UEPOPS456Perform switching to a switching program.
UEENEEE101A*Apply Occupational Health and Safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace.
UEENEEE102A*Fabricate, assemble and dismantle utilities industry components.
UEENEEE104A*Solve problems in D.C. circuits.
UEENEEE105A*Fix and secure electrotechnology equipment.
UEENEEE107A*Use drawings, diagrams, schedules, standards, codes and specifications.
UEENEEG101A*Solve problems in electromagnetic devices and related circuits.
UEENEEG102A*Solve problems in low voltage A.C. circuits.
UETTDREL16A*Working safely near live electrical apparatus.

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Regardless of whether you are gaining new skills, refreshing or sending employees, Volt Edge will ensure all students will gain the best knowledge base and set of skills through the leadership of highly skilled trainers and assessors.

Returning students can gain a 10% discount on additional full courses (*T’s and C’s apply).

Employers wanting to train their staff on site-based procedures and still gain a nationally recognised outcome can request a closed course. Volt Edge can also deliver the HV Switching course on site with the unique HV Trailer to simulate the practical component if required.

If you would like to know more information or enrol, please get in touch with via email at or phone 1300 761 366.