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High Voltage Awareness

high voltage awareness
High Voltage Switch Yard

High Voltage (HV) Awareness is a non-accredited online training course designed for people working in and around HV Installations. Whether you are a qualified Electrician, High Voltage Supervisor, or simply someone who works with high voltage equipment, High Voltage Awareness is one of the best High Voltage Courses to upskill and learn valuable skills for working with high voltage installations.

What does the HV Awareness course cover?

The course is delivered to teach the dangers and risks working around or near High Voltage installations, the controls required to avoid contact with energised conductors, substations and the simple steps that can be utilized.

Who should do the course?

High Voltage Awareness is for non electrical and electrical personnel who are required to work in or around high voltage and are required to understand how to handle the dangers to be fully equipped and aware.

The course is suitable for both electrical and non-electrical personnel wanting to understand the dangers and risks of working around or near High Voltage installations. Along with identifying risks and reducing hazards, students are also taught the controls required to avoid contact with energised conductors, and the simple step that can be utilized.


hv awareness
High Voltage Operator

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Course outcomes

Upon completion, you will have an awareness and be able to:

  • Work around aerials
  • Work around substations
  • Understand the dangers of induced voltage
  • Understand the risk mitigation of High Voltage.
  • Understand the dangers of high voltage.


  • Both theory and assessment are delivered online and are self-paced.

Units Obtained

This is a non-accredited course.


There are no prerequisite units for the High Voltage Awareness course. Students are not required to have completed a HV Switching course previously.

Regardless of whether you are gaining new skills, refreshing or sending employees, Volt Edge will ensure all students will gain the best knowledge base and set of skills through the leadership of highly skilled trainers and assessors.

Returning students can gain a 10% discount on additional full courses (*T’s and C’s apply).

Employers wanting to train their staff on site-based procedures and still gain a nationally recognised outcome can request a closed course. Volt Edge can also deliver the HV Switching course on site with the unique HV Trailer to simulate the practical component if required.

If you would like to know more information or enrol, please get in touch with via email at or phone 1300 761 366.