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5 reasons you should study HV Switching

While all Electricians are extremely important, those that are qualified in High Voltage(HV) Switching have the ability to offer more to an employer with their new additional skills.

If you are an Electrician, you may be wondering why you should consider upskilling and training in the area of High Voltage Switching.

Well lucky you asked, here are 5 top reasons why completing your certificate will add value to your career.

1. Highly Regarded By Employers

Hands on experience is extremely beneficial to employers, however having the formal training can propel you further in your career. This training is highly regarded by employers as it demonstrates that you know both the practical and theoretical aspects. Our course is hands on with practical switching giving the student the experience to apply in the workplace. 

HV Switching courses educate students on many areas including: 

  • Legislation
  • Theory & Practical
  • Documentation (Including Switching Sheets, Access, Test and Vicinity Permits)
  • Control permit to work
  • Develop operate and perform switching to a switching program

Completing a Nationally Recognised course means you can excel at your job safely with the right skills, legislation, theory and practical training, taking some of the responsibility off of the employer to ensure their staff are up to date with this knowledge.  

This means lower risk on the job, higher efficiencies, better productivity and job satisfaction.

2. Eliminate Career Complacency 

We can often become bored or complacent in our current roles doing the same thing day in and day out, so why not look at upskilling to enhance your everyday life?


Upskilling in this area allows you to offer more services for contract work or to potential and current employers.  It means you can grow your career, add more variety in your day and no longer feel complacent or bored in your role.  

You can expand your business and services in more areas of the industry which also means increased income.  If you are bored with your role and feel like a challenge and adding to the skills in your toolbelt, completing this course will give you a refreshed sense of purpose in your career.

3. Potential increase in income and benefits

By upskilling in your current field you are opening up more opportunities for a higher income and benefits within your career.  


As the formal qualifications increases your knowledge, ability to work smarter and safer, you become more productive which is highly regarded, therefore it opens up doors in your career to potentially earn a higher income. 

It also adds the potential benefits of travel opportunities, leave allowance, freedom and a life that you can enjoy and love.

4. Break into the Mining Industry

The mining industry is a highly sought after career path.  It offers great opportunities to learn and grow and earn an income that can set you up for life.  


Working away from home has the benefits of having a work family on the job and your special family at home. 

It offers the knowledge that you are setting yourself and your family up for a better future, it can be a long-term or short-term journey and offer some amazing opportunities if you plan your strategy right.

5. Flexible Work-Life

Work-life balance is something we can only dream of and whilst it is challenging to be away for long periods of time, it also allows for you to be home for long periods of time.  


This means you work while you are working and you can enjoy life when you are at home and they don’t cross over, which means it won’t interfere with your rest and relaxation time.

These are today’s top 5 reasons to do HV Switching, or any of our High Voltage courses, and there are many more to add to these.  If you would like to know more information about prerequisites or what it takes to complete the course you can download our Brochure that will give you all the facts.

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