Reticulation (OC & UG)

  • Accredited course.
  • Delivered Live Web (Trainer Led).
  • Emphasis on practical application.

Reticulation (OC & UG)

Course Description

This Volt Edge course develops a participant’s skills and knowledge required to establish and maintain electrical installations, reticulation and protection systems in Coal mining.

Course Delivery

This course is delivered via LIVE WEB over 4 days.

Live Web requirements are:

  • computer or laptop
  • Steady internet connection
  • Speaker
  • Microphone
  • Webcam
  • Microsoft Word
  • 2 monitors are recommended to ensure in the ease of your access
  • You can use a desktop computer or laptop to do your course work and 2 screens are highly recommended


Upon successful completion, students will have the skill to:
Plan and prepare for electrical installations, reticulation and protection.
Provide power supply systems for the mine site.
Provide electrical protection system for mine sites.
Provide cables from power source to point of usage.
Provide mobile machinery and electrical apparatus.
Provide overall electrical services that apply to production systems.
Provide safe electrical work procedures.

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Skills obtained


If you know what to look for, you can work smarter, safer and be more productive.

Problem solving

Apply higher-level order thinking skills to promote workplace initiative and resolution.

Simulated Work Environment

Benefit from the close and detailed guidance of our trainers in person.


Compile and produce appropriate documentation of work operations.

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