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High Voltage Recipient

high voltage recipient

The High Voltage (HV) Recipient course is one of the more specialised High Voltage Courses, designed to give students the skills and knowledge required to perform work in association with a permit system.

Permits to work are a formal system used to control high risk activities in power generation facilities, industrial and mining. They specify the control measures to be used. Permits ensure that all hazards, precautions and isolations have been considered before any hazardous work begins.

Who should do the course?

Anyone who is undertaking a role which requires them to receive and manage a permit can undertake this course.

The course is generally completed by qualified Electricians, however the materials in the course are also relevant and understood by non-electrical personnel working in the same environment.


  • Online self-paced
  • Student will need a supervisor who holds these units of competency to be signed off
  • If you do not have access to a supervisor you can book and attend a training centre to complete the practicals 
  • All assessments are completed and submitted online


hv recipients

Course outcomes

Competency in this unit allows you the ability to plan and prepare for permit to work procedures, perform permit duties and complete work. 

Once familiar with site, you can be signed off to receive access and test permits in a High Voltage installation, manage the processes and then surrender when finished the HV work, as part of a High Voltage switching procedure or program.

The training course will have a practical component if using an access system to plan, complete and manage a HV permit system. This is completed on two occasions, once using Volt Edge permit systems and once using your own permit systems.

Upon successful completion, students will have the skills to:

  • Receive the access permit / test permit from the switching officers.
  • Manage the work group.
  • Coordinate HV work activities.
  • Manage the working earth.
  • Complete the appropriate paperwork correctly.
  • Ensure the work group has signed off and surrender the permit to switching officers in a safe state to energise.

Units Obtained

  • UEPOPS430 Control Permit to Work Operations


Students require a supervisor in the workplace who holds the UEPOPS430 unit or equivalent to complete a third party report to finalise the practical.

If not currently working on a site, you can request a booking to attend one of our training centres to complete this section of the course.

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Regardless of whether you are gaining new skills, refreshing or sending employees, Volt Edge will ensure all students will gain the best knowledge base and set of skills through the leadership of highly skilled trainers and assessors.

Returning students can gain a 10% discount on additional full courses (*T’s and C’s apply).

Employers wanting to train their staff on site-based procedures and still gain a nationally recognised outcome can request a closed course. Volt Edge can also deliver the HV Switching course on site with the unique HV Trailer to simulate the practical component if required.

If you would like to know more information or enrol, please get in touch with via email at or phone 1300 761 366.