Electrical Engineering Manager

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Electrical Engineering Manager

Course Description

EEM Surface and Underground Competencies currently training in Mackay and Brisbane

This course is intended for electricians who are ready to take the next step in their mining career!

An Electrical Engineering Manager is a statutory position derived from the Queensland Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999 (‘the Act’) and the Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation 2001 (‘the Regulation’).

The position is so placed in the organisational structure of the mine to enable the appointed person to carry out the duties required under Section 18 of the Regulation.

The appointed person has the necessary competencies required under Section 17 of the Regulation.

The legislative source varies depending on the type of coal mining:

Underground Coal Mining: – Section 60 (10) of the act requires a ‘person to control and manage the electrical engineering activities’ of the underground coal mine.

Above Ground Coal Mining: – Division 2 Section 111 of the regulation states ‘If electricity is proposed to be used in coal mining operations at a surface mine, the site senior executive must appoint a person to control and manage the mine’s electrical engineering activities.’

In short, the EEM is ultimately responsible for the electrical activities and operations of a mine.

EEM’s are trained by industry experienced EEM’s!

The Electrical Engineering Manager (EEM) course has been developed and is delivered by Tony McKewin, with over 26 years of underground mining experience, 18 years of which he was an EEM. All EEM Trainers with Volt Edge are required to hold one of the following qualifications:

– Advanced Diploma Mine Engineering
– Associate Diploma Electrical Engineering

Volt Edge will train you – as per Section 18 of the regulation – to control and manage at the mine:

  • the design of electrical installations;
    (b) the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment and electrical installations;
    (c) electrical work;
    (d) work carried out close to electrical installations.

EEM Refresher Course

As an EEM you may need to refresher your competencies. As per above requirements of the ACT an EEM should hold the most up to date competencies to the latest revision and to keep up to date with legislative and Australian Standard changes. By completing this you will be able to keep industry relevant.

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Skills obtained


Develop and implement energy sector maintenance programs and plan and manage electrical projects.


Develop, plan and manage hazardous areas


Conduct a conformity assessment of explosion protected equipment


Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas (EEHA) and Overhaul and repair explosion protected equipment

Our Trainers

Tony McKewin
As the Managing Director (and owner), Tony has 25+ years’ experience in both the mining and LNG industries. He has been training EEHA and HV since 2009. Tony is the Author of the Training material.

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